Slides, Axioms of normal compression functions and applications to data analysis
Slides, The universal information metric on finite binary strings
Slides, Approximating Kolmogorov complexity for data analysis
Paper, An introduction to compression methods for data clustering (draft)
Notes, MHF6306 Mathematical Logic I (collaborator)
Notes, MAT6932 Descriptive Set Theory I
plm-1, data compressor
mqtc, solves minimum quartet tree cost problem
ytree, a phylogenetic tree data structure
cloth, a toy HTTP server
barnacle, a procedurally-generated roguelike
basic-chance, fair and biased coins and dice
basic-prng, a "Mersenne twister" PRNG
basic-bloom, a Bloom filter
basic-list, a circular linked list
basic-bheap, a basic binary heap
basic-fifo, a basic circular buffer
In C, or not in C
Written mostly by hand (except some bits) in vim. Also accessible from http://olm.ec.